Notary Service

In-Store Notary Services

Every employee at Busy Bee is a Notary for the State of Texas. We can notarize your documents during all business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Off-Site Notary:
In Town

In-town trips charged at $45.00 plus notary fees. We can help notarize in cases where coming to our shop is impractical, such as homebound individuals or legal depositions.

Off-Site Notary:
Out of Town

Out of town trips within Gillespie County are charged at $90.00 plus notary fees. For unusual situations or locations, call us to discuss pricing.

State of Texas Notorial Services

About Notary Services

We are notarizing your signature

When we notarize a document, we are affirming that we witnessed you personally signing your document. DO NOT sign your document until you are in front of us.

We need to see your photo I.D.

When we notarize your document, we must first determine that you are the person stated on the document as the signer. Bring a valid, current photo I.D. with you.

Notarization fees are regulated

We are mandated by the State of Texas to charge notary services as follows:  $10.00 for the first seal, and $1:00 for each additional seal on the same document.

Document Witnesses

In the State of Texas, a notary cannot witness the document they are notarizing. Although another Busy Bee employee can witness documents, we suggest you bring known witnesses for important documents such as a Last Will & Testament.

We need to understand the document we are notarzing

We must be able to understand the document we are notarizing. If your document is in Spanish, we will need a version of the document prepared in English to notarize. 

We are proud to provide efficient and accurate notary services to the town of Fredericksburg. Please understand when we take the time to read your documents or ask questions, we are being as diligent as possible so that your documents achieve their purpose.

The Busy Bee Team