PMB: Private Mail Box

We rent Private Mail Boxes in sizes small, medium and large sizes. We rent to both individuals and businesses. At Busy Bee, you have 24-hour access to your mailbox. 

Packages from FedEx, UPS, USPS and Amazon

Many of our mailbox customers live outside of town or travel frequently. We receive packages for our mailbox customers and store them in our package room. A notice is left in the mailbox holder’s box. *A small fee applies for packages left at our facility over one week.

Mail Forwarding Service

Quite a few of our customers travel frequently. We provide mail forwarding services as needed. There is a $6.00 handling fee for this service. 

Mail Pick-up Service

We can pick up mail at your P.O. box at the Post Office or at your home mailbox, and then forward it to you, with prior arrangement. Call to discuss pricing and scheduling details. 

Oversized Items

We occasionally receive oversized or palletized items. To avoid storage charges large items must be picked up the same day they are delivered. We have no choice but to leave palletized items outdoors, so these must be picked up the same day.

Private Mail Boxes explained

A few FAQ’s about PMB’s

A PMB is not a PO Box

PMB stands for Private Mail Box and is not the same as a Post Office Box. Busy Bee has an agreement with the USPS to receive your mail, as your agent. Individuals, families, or businesses can utilize a PMB.

We give your info to the USPS

We provide the local Postmaster with identification and personal information for each new PMB customer. This is required and is to prevent fraudulent or illegal activities and is taken seriously by the USPS.

We know your mail and packages are important

We are careful with your mail and packages. Your mail goes in your mailbox the same day we receive it. You will receive a colored slip notifying you of packages.

Get Started

Choose a mailbox size and length of service

We have small, medium and large mailboxes. Note – not all sizes are available at all times. You can choose to be charged monthly, quarterly or annually. We can set your account up to auto-pay or you can manage your payments. 

Fill out the required forms

Fill out our Busy Bee info form as well as the government form we turn into the local Postmaster. We will need 2 forms of current ID, one must have a photo. The 2nd can be an insurance card, lease, or other such document.

Receive your key and start getting mail

It’s really easy to get started, and you may end your contract with us at any time. If you are getting a PMB while constructing your home or for a temporary residence, we suggest you stick to a monthly or quarterly payment. We do not refund unused PMB time. 


Busy Bee offers safe, secure private mail boxes with 24-hour access.

Enjoy the convenience of your own mailbox at Busy Bee! We will receive your mail and packages, and can help you with so much more while you are here!

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