Fax & Scan

Scan to Email 

Scan your documents to one or multiple email addresses. For longer documents, scanning is the most efficient and economical form of transmittal.

Scan to Flash Drive

Digitize old documents, photos, drawings and more by scanning to digital media. Bring your own flash drive, or we have flash drives for sale. 

Send a Fax

Fax your single or multi-page document. Many legal or government entities require that documents be transmitted via fax.

Incoming Fax

Conveniently receive faxes to our location. Use our FAX # 830-997-0132. Be sure to have your name and contact info included on the incoming fax.

Comparing Fax & Scan Services

Faxing is inexpensive for a single page.

A single page scan is just $2.50. However, a longer document can add up quickly, with additional pages charged at $1.40/page.

A scan is high quality and in color

Scanning is done at a high DPI (dots per inch) and is done in color (unless we specify otherwise.) It’s the best choice where document quality or color is important. 

Scanning can save you money and time

For longer documents, a scan will likely be less expensive. Scanning is also very quick, and it is easier for our equipment to feed larger documents. 

Faxing is required by some organization and companies

Many government agencies – such asHealthcare & Human Services, financial institutions and legal entities require documents to be transmitted via fax, citing security concerns.

A scan may be sent in various formats

Our equipment defaults to a PDF file format. We can also send or save a scan as a JPG. Additionally, we can select various DPI settings and page size settings. 

We can scan 2-sided documents

Our scanner can easily scan 2-sided documents. In contrast, for a 2-sided document that is to be scanned, we must first make a copy of the back sides. 

High speed scanning can quickly turn a large hard copy of a document into a digital file which can be emailed or stored to a drive. We can also digitize photos and old documents for archival or creative reasons.

The Busy Bee Team